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Initiative: ACI mobility information system (Luceverde) 


Institution: Automobile Club d’Italia


Problem: Lack of integration and little trust from the citizens in accessing the information on traffic and road safety issues. It was difficult to access real-time and reliable information on transport and traffic issues, which impacted commuters negatively.


Solution: The ACI mobility information system called "Luceverde" (Green Light) aims to provide real-time, GPS-based information for multi-modal mobility through different channels: web radio, a mobile application, website, social channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram, a contact centre and local radio and TV stations.


Impact: Enhanced collaboration with public and private stakeholders at all levels to provide real-time information on mobility, traffic and road conditions in urban areas, especially on major and minor roads to help citizens plan their daily travel, save time and avoid possible road accidents. In 2019, over 100 associated radio stations reached more than three million listeners; six local TV channels participated; 60 live TV broadcasts were aired; 700 video bulletins and 24,000 written bulletins produced; 500 live broadcasts and 20 million posts were viewed on social media. To address the needs of the disabled, a device called ‘Place for me’ which has a detecting sensor that emits an acoustic signal when non-authorized drivers park in reserved spaces for people with disabilities was implemented.



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Enhancing the effectiveness of public institutions to reach the SDGs


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More information: 

Luceverde (Green Light)
Website: https://infomobility.aci.it

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