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País Tailandia
Nombre de la Institución Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office
Tipo de Institución Agencia Pública
Nivel administrativo Regional
Años operacionales del proyecto 3
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Pregunta 1: Acerca de la iniciativa

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Pregunta 2: Categorías

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Pregunta 3: Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

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¿Para cuáles de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) y de sus metas es más relevante la iniciativa?
8 Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
17 Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
¿Para qué meta(s) de los ODS especificados anteriormente es relevante la iniciativa?
8.1 Mantener el crecimiento económico per capita de conformidad con las circunstancias nacionales y, en particular, un crecimiento del producto interno bruto de al menos el 7% anual en los países menos adelantados
17.1 Fortalecer la movilización de recursos internos, incluso mediante la prestación de apoyo internacional a los países en desarrollo, con el fin de mejorar la capacidad nacional para recaudar ingresos fiscales y de otra índole

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Pregunta 1

Describa brevemente la iniciativa, qué situación o reto aborda y especificar los objetivos. (Máximo 300 palabras)
Problem: When you first establish a business and need to contact numerous government authorities, you will have a lot of questions. Why do I need to contact several agencies is a common question? Why are you requesting so much data and documentation? Even if the document is one that the government already owns, such as a corporation certificate or a copy of ID. It appears that business owners will encounter at least five steps in the legal and regulatory process, including bank payments, company registration, VAT registration, employee registration, and so on. It takes a long period, about 6 days, and costs and fees of around 500 baht per agency must be paid. These problems affect the operation of approval, permission, issuance of licenses and registration is slow. As a result of this problem, The Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office has proposed the establishment of a "RD SUPER SMART SERVICES CENTER: RD SSS" (RD: one place - do it all - complete) at The Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office. Its purpose is to assist as a government service center where officers can employ digital technologies to assist citizens. By focusing on offering services through online channels, it decreases the amount of time, procedures, forms, and paperwork that are redundant. It aids entrepreneurs and residents in the area in getting at ease and to make the office's public relations point more than just "welcome" and to help businesses access public services more quickly. In addition to educating the public about taxation. Objectives: 1. To offer guidance to those who are starting a business. 2. To transform the Revenue Department's service into a hub for government services. 3. To improve the Revenue Department officer's service of digital services. 4. To maintain a positive image in the eyes of government officials.

Pregunta 2

Explicar cómo está alineada la iniciativa con la categoría seleccionada (Máximo 100 palabras)
RD SUPER SMART SERVICES CENTER or RD SSS is contributions that correspond to the award category. This innovation is a center for government services that integrate by using digital technology as a tool for service personnel. It found that this helps to reduce the time, faster in each process, and all in once services within Kamphaeng Phet Province. This corresponds to a service the consumer at the center.

Pregunta 3

a. Verificar a qué ODS y meta(s) apoya esta iniciativa y describa concretamente cómo esta iniciativa ha contribuido a la implementación del ODS indicado. (Máximo 200 palabras)
The Portfolio RD SSS service center eliminates the duplication of government services. The Supporting Development Goal 8 (SDGs 8): Promote sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all, as well as correct tax practices to help businesses grow quicker. Economic growth occurs as more cost enters the economy at a faster rate (8.1). A service model that truly integrates government services for entrepreneurs. The development a work system that processes the start-up process into a single link to government agencies' websites and the supporting development goal 17 (SDGs 17): strengthening operational mechanisms and revitalizing global collaborative partnerships for sustainable development, developing new services and staff capacity to increase the capacity of the country to collect taxes (17.1). The adoption of digital technology in every process (Digital Transformation) to linking the websites of various agencies to provide services through online channels make a database analyze data and recommend accurate tax payments to taxpayers, etc.
b. Describa qué hace que esta iniciativa sea sostenible en término social, económico y del medio ambiente. (Máximo 100 palabras)
service centers covering the entire Kamphaeng Phet Province, including 9 locations, allowing people easy access by not having to go to numerous agencies, you can save time and cost,using technology to help the environment the average person who uses the service uses 5 sheets of paper each person, with over 20,000 people coming to use the service at the branch using about 100,000 sheets of paper every year and according to the survey. Our idea also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal of lowering paper consumption by 100,000 sheets each year.

Pregunta 4

a. Explicar cómo la iniciativa ha abordado un déficit significativo en la gobernanza, la administración pública o el servicio público en el contexto de un de país o región. (Máximo 200 palabras)
Traveling issues for people with disabilities related to public transportation Furthermore, the working space is not designed to accommodate diversity. To create documents online, we employ QR codes. Access to information in the morning without having to go to the office, creating opportunities and eliminating inequality. People's travel burdens should be reduced. the RD SSS has transformed it into a hub for service of government officials such as the operation to trade registration, VAT registration, Social Security employee registration and other complete licenses. It will make contacting government services easier. It also makes it easier for people and entrepreneurs to start a firm. It also contributes to the creation of a business-friendly climate in Thailand. It takes less time and is less expensive to relevance to leaving no one behind, according to the principle. We provide path for handicapped with stuffs to help the get service as everyone else. This is in keeping with the country's public-administration reform goal, government services should be convenient, quick, and responsive to people's demands. As a result, requesting in less time, down from 6 days to 2.5 days, reduce the number of processes from five step to three step. As a result, the cost decreased from 500 to 300 baht and fewer requests for information.
b. Describa cómo su iniciativa aborda la desigualdad de género en el contexto del país. (Máximo 100 palabras)
Kamphaeng Phet Province was the target area with a total population of 714,118 people. The development of the RD SSS Service Center has allowed people of all genders and ages to participate in the survey and share their ideas. A network of alliances has been formed by a group of female accounting businesses. The problem's report such as business roadblocks, completing tax payments, and recommending the services she requires. service model, as well as expanding the role of women as corporate executives in driving numerous projects to meet the Revenue Department's objectives.
c. Describa quiénes fueron los grupos receptores a beneficiarse de la iniciativa, y explicar cómo la iniciativa mejoró las condiciones de estos grupos. (Máximo 200 palabras)
Kamphaeng Phet Province has a total population of 714,118 people. The target audience is old and new juristic persons, as well as individual entrepreneurs 1) to services given to business owners was filing tax returns for all forms of taxes through internet methods. make it more convenient Reduce costs and save time by using the bank's electronic channels to make tax payments more flexible, 21,609 operations to individual 18,919 people, accounting for 87.55 percent of the total number of former entrepreneurs and 2,690 juristic, accounting for 12.44 percent of the total number of old entrepreneurs. 2) the new business owners, there is a new service that offers advice on how to launch a business, provide information on online commercial registration, registration of Employees Payment of housing tax or land tax to the local government and sell liquor and cigarettes to registration of the Excise Department, operations to service 3,899 people successfully. After the business has been effectively established, it will begin the process of monitoring operations in order to pay taxes correctly. includes business transformation and VAT registration till the company is no longer in operation.

Pregunta 5

a. Describir cómo se implementó la iniciativa incluyendo desarrollos y pasos clave, actividades de monitoreo y evaluación y la cronología. (300 palabras)
In 2018, a study was conducted on the difficulties that entrepreneurs face when launching a business in Kamphaeng Phet Province. Investigate the problem and come up with a solution. In 2019, start the project: RD SUPER SMART SERVICES CENTER for new and existing businesses to file taxes correctly, and to developed the RD SSS system for the officer can utilize tools to find information. Make an instruction manual, appointing personnel, organizing training, and establishing a network of alliances. A knowledge exchange took place, as well as a study tour. The performance capable of providing service to new entrepreneurs 1,676, old entrepreneurs 1,140. The starting a business takes 6 days and 5 steps, 22,905 tax filing were successfully filed online and it has satisfied 98.20 percent of the entire number of entrepreneurs. In 2020, provide service to all areas of Kamphaeng Phet Province by establishing 8 additional RD SSS service locations to improve convenience as a result of the reduction in time and cost. The importance of communicating accurate information was emphasized in requesting authorization from several agencies both in paper from and on the internet as well as conducting a satisfaction survey of the staff's service in order to improve and develop the service. The performance capable of providing service to new entrepreneurs 969, old entrepreneurs 870. Starting a business takes 4.5 days and 4 steps, 26,954 tax filing were successfully filed online and it has satisfied 99.60 percent of the entire number of entrepreneurs. In 2021, The performance capable of providing service to new entrepreneurs is 1,254, entrepreneurs olds 3,060, starting a business takes 2.5 days and 3 steps. 30,476 tax filing were successfully filed online and it has satisfied 99.00 percent of the entire number of entrepreneurs.
b. Explicar claramente los obstáculos encontrados y cómo se solucionaron. (100 palabras)
Problems, Obstacles and Solutions: 1) The quantity of persons available to deliver services is insufficient and a lack of publicity. Solution: Planning to work together to ensure that enough resources, equipment, funds, and staff are available. 2) Situation with Covid-19 as a result, there may be less communication with the government. Solution: Other service channels, such as email, SMS, line, Facebook, and so on, can be added. 3) The Revenue Department's image, which some business owners do not want to encounter. Solution: Adjusting the new image, creating a brand partner, and creating a network of partnerships.

Pregunta 6

a. Explicar de qué manera(s) la iniciativa es innovadora en el context de su país o region. (Máximo 100 palabras)
In addition to the Revenue Department's basic function, the RD SSS Service Center is a new service to resolve issues that arise when entrepreneurs require information on starting or paying taxes, the former had to contact each agency multiple times, which may take up to 6 days. The new service will help you save time and cost to registering a business, online Social Security Employee registration and VAT registration online can reduce the time it takes to start a business in half. It takes only 1 day for a person without an employee to establish a business.
b. Describa, si fuere relevante, cómo la iniciativa se inspiro en iniciativas exitosas de otras regions, países o localidades. (Máximo 100 palabras)
Under the Revenue Department's D2RIVE concept, the RD SSS Service Center operates with a Values-Service mindset has implemented service guidelines from Biz Portal of the Digital Government Development Agency which integrate data from many agencies on the internet. You can get information about doing business with the government. The entrepreneurs are not required to submit transaction documentation on their own. The services of the Biz Portal can be used for 78 licenses and 25 company groups. Ease access to government services and information from document submission to tracking status to contacting to receive documents, all can be done in one spot.
c. Si se utilizó tecnología de frontera, favor detallar cómo ésta fue integrada en la iniciativa y/o cómo la iniciativa adoptó el gobierno digital. (máximo 100 palabras)
The RD SSS Service Center has created the system in the form of a Dashboard to search for information on how to start a business and using the Biz Portal system of the Office of the government service center for the business sector and utilize Google Maps to find the location. Through the use of digital technology and information technology, satisfaction surveys via Google form connect many public services, used in encouraging the submission of requests through various authorities' online systems and to support policies and government services that leverage digital technology throughout the entire process of public service.

Pregunta 7

a. ¿Su organización tiene conocimiento si la iniciativa ha sido transferida y/o adaptada a otros contextos (por ejemplo: otras ciudades, países o regiones)? Si así fuera, favor explicar dónde y cómo. (Máximo 200 palabras)
The construction of an RD SSS Service Center at the Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office is a new service innovation and has devised new ways to assist entrepreneurs who are having difficulty beginning a firm or who are evading taxes. At the doctoral level, transferring expertise to formulate research initiatives of Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University, Kamphaeng Phet. The goal of this study is to increase people's understanding of taxation to the public sector in the area at The Regional Revenue Office 7. The options proposed in this study is the establishment of a service center for the ultimate intelligent entrepreneur.The Regional Revenue Office 7 is attempting to promote tax knowledge among the local population; Kamphaeng Phet, Phichit, Phetchabun, Tak, Uttaradit, Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan, and Sukhothai and an academic piece that was accepted for publication in the Graduate Studies Network Academic Journal. Year 12, Issue 2, July-December 2022, Northern Rajabhat University (Print ISSN 2229-2683, Electronic ISSN 2408-1418) to other tax collection authorities, such as the Excise Department and the Department of Local Administration, can use this as a model to improve the efficiency of their own service operations.
b. Si la iniciativa aún no ha sido transferida/adaptada a otros contextos, favor describir el potencial de transferencia.
The implementation in 7 a.

Pregunta 8

¿Qué recursos específicos (financieros, humanos ú otros) se utilizaron para implementar la iniciativa? (Máximo 100 palabras)
The Revenue Department provided support for the site of the service center, which uses the Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office and 8 Revenue Office branches in Kamphaeng Phet Province, with 102 service officer and to support the budget, technology and equipment management of public relations, create QR codes for link to numerous agencies' websites, tax types according to The Revenue Code, satisfaction surveys and requesting assistance from Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University's technical experts Projects in research and development to better satisfy the needs of the people.
En términos financieros e institucionales, explicar qué hace que esta iniciativa sea sostenible a través del tiempo. (Máximo 100 palabras)
RD SSS Service Centers established by Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office was open to the public and entrepreneurs in the province of Kamphaeng Phet, which has a population of 714,118 people. In the Revenue Department system, there are 21,609 peple and expand to 8 branches, each of which is located in a different district, from 2018 to the present and have all operated sustainably and constantly.People can quickly contact government officials through the Service Center: providing quick, easy, and close-by access to a variety, gaining permission, preparing paperwork, a site map, and the costs.

Pregunta 9

a. ¿Esta iniciativa ha sido evaluada formalmente, ya sea interna o externamente?
b. Describa cómo fue evaluada y por quién. (Máximo 100 palabras)
RD SSS Service Center of Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office, Revenue Department, was a work that has been awarded from the 7th Phet VayuPak Contest 2018 from the Ministry of Finance in the category, new product and service concepts and presented the work in the 8th Phet VayuPak Contest, year 2021, the category of work, innovation expanding must be a work that has been developed or improve the original work of the agency that has received the Phet VayuPak award to be more efficient, effective and valuable. You can view the assessment results at this link.
c. Describa los indicadores y herramientas utilizados. (Máximo 100 palabras)
Indicators include: 1. Starting or expanding something new, such as a management change. 2. Usage and service values to suit the target group's needs. 3. The effect/change may be widespread. The tools used consisted of: 1. A portfolio form is a collection of creative work for a new product or service. New technology is used to deliver service to a set of users who have never previously provided service. 2. A video that gives an overview of the project. 3. Make a presentation that takes into account the initiative or extension benefit, as well as the impact or change.
d. ¿Cuáles fueron los principals hallazgos de la evaluación (por ejemplo: la adecuación de los recursos movilizados para la iniciativa, la calidad de implementación y los desafíos enfrentados, los resultados principales, la sostenibilidad de la iniciativa, los impactos) y cómo se utiliza esta información para informar sobre la implentación de la iniciativa. (Máximo 200 palabras)
The result of RD SUPER SMART SERVICES CENTER: Assessment results from the judging panel of the 7th Phet VayuPak Award Contest, 2018, the result of a service center for the most intelligent entrepreneurs, fully integrated RD SUPER SMART SERVICES CENTER: RD SSS won a Silver Award for innovative work in the category new product and service idea, never-before-seen goods or service new technological concept. It's a service concept for a group of people who have never done anything like this before. People will benefit from the integration of government services in one area, according to the Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office. As a result, the RD SSS Service Center's innovation was being leveraged to improve to 9 Service Center have been established. All districts in Kamphaeng Phet's province are available to the general public. In 2021, the RD SSS Service Center introduced advancements in order to compete in the 8th Phet VayuPak Award Contest. The committee chose the type of work, the extension of innovation, and the evaluation findings to screen the results of the 8th Phet VayuPak Award Contest, 2021.

Pregunta 10

Describa cómo la iniciativa incide en el panorama institucional relevante (por ejemplo: cómo se situaba con respecto a las agencias de gobierno relevantes y cómo han estado funcionando las relaciones institucionales entre ellos). (Máximo 200 palabras)
The creation of the RD SSS Service Center represents the state's merger of public services. From inception to end, digital technology has been used to supply public services. The initial step is to research people's present business difficulties and analyze the data in order to uncover the facts that entrepreneurs require in order to launch a business. Then, as one of the tools for the construction of a service center, develop a work system. In summary, there were 5 categories of businesses: products sales, services sales, production sales, exports and imports. This was linked to 11 departments, classified were services of agencies in charge of collecting taxes and receiving authorization from other agencies. Each unit has its own set of information that has been generated and updated to website and focus on delivering services to obtain information via online channels. With an increase in electronic payments. Furthermore, the Faculty of Kamphaeng Phet Province visited the RD SSS Service Center to investigate it and obtained advise from banks such as the Government Savings Bank and Krung Thai Bank. It was advised that more information be made available about entrepreneurs' access to capital through SMEs, which were banking group products.

Pregunta 11

La Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible pone énfasis en la colaboración, compromiso, asociaciones y la inclusión. Describa qué partes interesadas participaron en el diseño, implementación y evaluación; y cómo se llevó a cabo este compromiso. (Máximo 200 palabras)
Internal stakeholders include the Kamphaeng Phet Area Revenue Office, which is the operator, and The Regional Revenue Office 7 at Phitsanulok Province, which is in charge of monitoring. It is a key unit in driving and participating in planning, organization, leadership, and monitoring, and it combines with The Revenue Department's sub-departments, including the 8 Area Revenue Branch Offices at the district level. To drive excellence in public service capable of meeting the needs of the target, share responsibilities according to the roles, duties, and missions of each unit. Directly in line with the group, and long-term in accordance with The Revenue Department's strategy. External stakeholders are those who benefit from operations, such as people, entrepreneurs, accounting firms, and others in Kamphaeng Phet Province who come to receive services and participate in informing problems, needs, and suggestions on various services that should be available in the service center. The Revenue Department also received cooperation from educational institutions in Kamphaeng Phet Province, such as schools and universities, which allowed The Revenue Department to provide knowledge about taxation.

Pregunta 12

Describa las lecciones clave aprendidas y cómo su organización planea mejorar la iniciativa. (Máximo 200 palabras)
1. In the public sector, engagement from all sectors leads to planning for the resolution of public service difficulties, reduce the number of redundant processes in documentation and allowing entrepreneurs to save time and cost. 2. The efficiency with which co-management is carried out effective communication is critical in the delivery of government services and the entrepreneurial mentors as an advisor. 3. Issues are viewed by executives and officers as chances to develop and achieve goals. The staff development in term of knowledge and service mindset. 4. Individuals, businesses, and accounting companies take part in the evaluation of the agency's services from beginning to end and to improve the service in order to better meet the needs. The Development: The Dashboard presentation format's development concept, summarized as a single-page graphic show the details on the government entities you'll need to contact when starting a business, such as the registration of businesses, VAT registration and social security registration etc. There will build a broad variety of intelligent service applications in the future. The Consolidate public-sector services into a single location and can make inquiries to a variety of agencies. The same operators' information allows them to conduct business quickly.

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