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联合国成员国 泰国
机构名称 Khon Kaen Province
公共部门机构类型 公共机构
行政层级 区域的
项目名称 Non-Khoa Model
项目运行年份 5




该倡议与UNPSA类别之一相关吗? 2: 提高公共机构效率以达到可持续发展目标


" 1.1 到2030年,在全球所有人口中消除极端贫困,极端贫困目前的衡量标准是每人每日生活费不足1.25美元 "
" 1.2 到2030年,按各国标准界定的陷入各种形式贫困的各年龄段男女和儿童至少减半 "
" 1.3 执行适合本国国情的全民社会保障制度和措施,包括最低标准,到2030年在较大程度上覆盖穷人和弱势群体 "
" 1.5 到2030年,增强穷人和弱势群体的抵御灾害能力,降低其遭受极端天气事件和其他经济、社会、环境冲击和灾害的概率和易受影响程度 "
" 1.a 确保从各种来源,包括通过加强发展合作充分调集资源,为发展中国家、特别是最不发达国家提供充足、可预见的手段以执行相关计划和政策,消除一切形式的贫困 "
" 3.5 加强对滥用药物包括滥用麻醉药品和有害使用酒精的预防和治疗 "
" 3.9 到2030年,大幅减少危险化学品以及空气、水和土壤污染导致的死亡和患病人数 "
4.2 到2030年,确保所有男女童获得优质幼儿发展、看护和学前教育,为他们接受初级教育做好准备
4.4 到2030年,大幅增加掌握就业、体面工作和创业所需相关技能,包括技术性和职业性技能的青年和成年人数
4.5 到2030年,消除教育中的性别差距,确保残疾人、土著居民和处境脆弱儿童等弱势群体平等获得各级教育和职业培训
5.1 在全球消除对妇女和女童一切形式的歧视
5.2 消除公共和私营部门针对妇女和女童一切形式的暴力行为,包括贩卖、性剥削及其他形式的剥削
5.5 确保妇女全面有效参与各级政治、经济和公共生活的决策,并享有进入以上各级决策领导层的平等机会
5.b 加强技术特别是信息和通信技术的应用,以增强妇女权能
16.1 在全球大幅减少一切形式的暴力和相关的死亡率
16.6 在各级建立有效、负责和透明的机构
16.7 确保各级的决策反应迅速,具有包容性、参与性和代表性
16.10 根据国家立法和国际协议,确保公众获得各种信息,保障基本自由
16.b 推动和实施非歧视性法律和政策以促进可持续发展


请提供实施日期。 16 12月 2014








如有,请详细说明。 Excellence Award in Participatory Governance, effective change award category, 2020 and 2021

题 9: 您是如何得知联合国公共行政奖的?

您是如何得知联合国公共行政奖的? UN

题 10: 问题九:确认同意


Nomination form


题 1

In 2015, agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Khon Kaen Province and parties. carried out a comprehensive agricultural development project in collaboration areas. By focusing on the integrated collaboration of agencies under sectors supporting efficient and truly integrated operations by Noon - Koaw Village Khon Kaen Province. General conditions in the flood season will flood the area around. When the water recedes, the water will also decrease. causing water shortage problems every year in 142.35 ac. the water user group 50 households. As a result of the community forum According to the Provincial Agricultural Development Action Plan Integrated Subcommittee on December 16, 2014, found the farmers participating in the project had a problem, which was a lack of knowledge on safe and standardized agricultural production. High production costs from the use of agrochemicals Lack of integration in production and marketing, affecting income and living conditions of farmers by the survey It was found that farmers whose main occupation was farming and had average cash incomes of farming households totaling 94,882.20 baht/household/year. Divided into cash income from crops 92.75% In cash income from husbandry, 7.25%, and average income before joining the project in the agricultural sector is less than 50,000 baht/year/person. Khon Kaen Provincial Agriculture and Cooperatives Office has brought the problems from organizing the Community Forum on Integrated Agricultural Development Project to presenting to the Provincial Agricultural Development Subcommittee Khon Kaen Province approved the budget to support the construction of a packing house for fresh vegetables according to the GMP standard, Department of Agriculture. On the public interest area and Tesco Lotus supports the capital. to the group and soil preparation planning Selection of varieties, planting, maintenance, maintenance, certification standards Harvesting, grading, accounting system enabling farmers to generate income and solve problems encountered sustainably

题 2

Non – Khoa Model Project is consistent with the second branch because it enhances the efficiency of government agencies by adopting a working method that emphasizes self-improvement and encourages communication between related workers and farmers to collaborate by using the Agile Model concept. achieved speed and get the right data set. Project management is ready to be flexible for change because of and using a Cross-Function Team, which is a collaboration between governments and private sectors work. They have used modern communication technology as a tool to increase the effectiveness of this project.

题 3

a. 请具体说明该项目支持哪个/些可持续发展目标和具体目标,并详细说明该项目如何为这些目标的实施做出了贡献。(最多200字)
Before the project, there was the research of basic information in various aspects of the noon-Khoaw village, Khon Kaen. And there was a community. It found that the problem was caused geography of the area. plains of rivers cause flooded problems during floods. Water management system in the moment periods has faced drought not enough for crops, so, causing the problem of poverty and people don't have access to government services. The project was initiated. And implementation, it found that a good impact on management. Farmers earn 128,503 incomes from sold vegetables /year/ person only 43 members Until 2020, the project's participation has increased to 113 members, making farmers participating in the project have a better living. Reduce the burden of debt have more savings Youth in the community have opportunities for higher education. Because they have money to send their children to study at a higher-level unity and good the community, because people have more opportunities to communicate helps to look after Make the management transparent and raise the level of equality and equality to occur. by giving women the prospect to be a village management committee in the project.
b. 请描述一下该项目如何在社会、经济和环境方面具有可持续性。(最多100字)
Economic: The results of operations found that Farmers who participated in the project in the area had a better life Debt burden decreased and savings account 77.2%. Social: support communities to be able to manage themselves, for example, promoting and educating accounting. Up the level of members to be a side group. Environment: support farmer groups in the project to be aware of the negative impact of using agricultural chemicals. And provide knowledge in organic farming instead by promoting the use of bio-substances and producing organic fertilizers for their use it's a fully integrated green product that is environmentally friendly.

题 4

a. 请解释该项目如何解决特定国家或地区范围内的政府管理、公共行政或公共服务方面的重大缺失。 (最多200字)
For farmers in Thailand, access to government services isn't as much as it should be. Often there's a problem of inequality in society because farmers are rarely encouraged. therefore, many sections that time to coordinate the integration So, we recognize the importance of social context. Want to encourage farmers to receive care and promotion equal to other occupations. We look at everyone professions are equal. have equal access to government services. Therefore, it promotes the creation of a group of farmers in the village to have the correct registration made a planning project and cooperate to increase the potential of groups. Integrate to increase the potential of farmers. There is a connection, extension, and sustainable development by the principles of market-leading to production without discrimination against all genders and ages. The farmers in Khon Kaen had difficulty accessing government agencies. Especially in agriculture, one Agricultural Officer must take care of farmers in one sub-district So Assistance in the agricultural sector isn't as convenient as it should be. The project is a joint of the government in the agricultural sector. and other sectors This makes it easy for farmers to have access to government agencies and the private sector.
b. 请描述该项目如何解决国家背景下的性别不平等问题。 (最多100字)
The context of gender inequality in Thailand Characteristics of traditional Thai society rarely allows women and children to indicate their role in society. Women's Status Development Promotion Committee of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has driven women to indicate their greater. Both have equal status with the male gender and encourage new that's better to equality women's competence. The project has a group of committed in its Manpower structure. Most of the committees are women, accounting for 76.47% of the committees. as well as providing opportunities for youth to express their opinions and participate in public hearings.
c. 请描述该项目的目标群体是谁,并解释该项目给目标群体带来的改善成果。 (最多200字)
The population for the Project is a group of vegetable growers. In 2017, there were 43 members, with 79.05 ac. of cultivated area. The result of selling vegetables between the group and Tesco lotus was 1,421,131.10 Baht, starting with 9 types of vegetables. After that, in 2018, be 83 members, sales results with Lotus's 5,324,790.62 Bath and 11 types of vegetables that can produce. Then in 2019, members increased to 101 members, 158.10 ac. of cultivated area and results in vegetable sales with Tesco Lotus 5, 13,106,549.96 bath and 2020, have 113 members, the amount of cultivated area 177.87 ac. , and 12 types of vegetables. And now 2021 have the traded value with Lotus's was 9,854,715.02 Baht and produced an increase to 65 types of vegetables. Results from project operations enabled farmers to produce agricultural products to have continuity in quantity and quality that suffice the market demand there are groups to create bargaining power. Children of farmers in the community have better education. Problem drug and crime problems in the community to reduce. you can see that the project is a positive effect on the domino theory.

题 5

a. 请描述该项目是如何实施的,包括关键发展和步骤、监测、评估活动以及年表。 (300字)
In 2015, Khon Kaen province and agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives have carried out a comprehensive agricultural development project Therefore, a community forum was organized. It was found the community had a problem is a lack of knowledge of safe and standardized production. High production cost uses a lot of chemicals and lacks incorporation and marketing affecting the income and living conditions of farmers. And the farmers have gathered under the name of “Baan Noon-Khoaw gardening farmerGroup” Tesco Lotus came to visit proceeded a project and offer to buy products of farmers according to the guidelines of Guidelines of the State and the production-led market policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. on October 26, 2016, Agriculture and Cooperatives of Khon Kaen Province Lead the management team of Tesco Lotus and representatives of the farmer's Group. Met with the governor of Khon Kaen To discuss ways to cooperate in building a civil state to connect to the Modern Trade market. The province supports the provincial budget for the building for washing and separating safe vegetables (Packing House) by requesting a public land-use area is 0.79 ac. (Ban Noon-Khoaw School). Budget 2,120,000 baht and Tesco Lotus Supporting funds to 1 million baht for the groups and received knowledge and practice from all sectors. From 2018 -2021 the farmers carried out production activities according to the production plan, with Tesco Lotus's supporting organization to production quality, personnel, and marketing at the packing house so farmers groups can hire personnel to manage the packing plant. In 2020 and 2021, The project was assessed by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission. and won the State Excellence Award in Participatory Governance, effective change award category.
b. 请清楚地解释所遇到的障碍以及这些障碍是如何被克服的。(100字)
The obstacles encountered are the cooperation of farmers for assistance between organizations this was caused by the disadvantages of the participation system which caused the coordination and problem solving to be delayed. The solution to this problem is to use the Flexible - Working System and not stuck to the Classical Organization Theory that must be based primarily on official paper. Participate in solving problems for the farmers, listen to and Brainstorming In this regard communication technology has been introduced to help reduce workflows such as Application Line and increase the opinions of all sectors as well as the decision-making system.

题 6

a. 请说明在您所在国家或地区,该项目在哪些方面具有创新性。(最多100字)
The Office of Agriculture and Cooperatives Khon Kaen Province The policy has been applied in the field of government services and of agricultural raising to the Organization structure by promoting the online-offline market and modern trade. Modern trade is an innovation that has been used in the farmer's group from 2015 until the present. Bringing innovation in Organization Management focusing on operations between organizations and partners which apply knowledge and practices of government and private agencies (Cross-functional teams) cause the effectiveness of the service to the farmer's group until changes occur and create values in the community (Public Values)
b. 如果相关,请描述该项目是如何从其它国家和地区的成功项目中获得灵感的。(最多100字)
Innovation Government is a continuation of the concept under the framework of Role and Functioning of Government that has been adapted to the modern and technology at that time. Focus on systemic innovation, set up new systems for farmers and the working group to work the project which affects the cooperation to plan and develop relationships with other sectors by using the Agile model as well, helping to work faster on communication between the organization itself and make it a two-way communication.
c. 如果使用新兴技术和前沿技术,请说明这些技术如何整合在倡议中以及如何包含数字政府。 (限制100个字)
1. Technology used in project management 1.1 Application Line for communication between departments between of a farmer group and can be used to survey productivity Online meetings between agencies and agricultural groups. 1.2 Social media Facebook is a channel used to promote the work of the group. to communicate with network farmers or general consumers to ensure product quality 2. Agricultural technology 2.1 Greenhouse with automatic watering system 2.2 Product system program for cooperatives It is an application created by the Cooperative Auditing Department. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives the Vegetable Growers Group has applied from 2019 to the present.

题 7

a. 根据您的组织信息,该项目有没有转接或适用到其它情况(例如,其它城市、国家、或者地区)?如果有,请说明在哪里以及是如何进行的。(最多200字)
In 2019, the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (TIS). has integrated with the Office of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Khon Kaen Province. Department of Agricultural Extension Under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the "Non-Khaow Model" has been expanded in Khon Kaen province, including Ban Sawang Vegetable Growers Group, Hin Tang Subdistrict, Ban Phai District. (มกอช. รุกขยายผล"โนนเขวาโมเดล" พัฒนากลุ่มเกษตรกรปลูกผักบ้านสว่าง ( Institute for Strategic Research and Cooperation for Northeastern Development Khon Kaen University (rISNED). lead the team to welcome the study team from Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University at the KKU project until February 10, 2020, to study and observe the planting of organic vegetables in Ban Khok Samran, Khok Samran Sub-district, District. Ban Haet, Khon Kaen Province is a network of Ban Non-Khwao vegetable group (https://xn--12cb6djb7bia0ar7b4a3cjd3a4ute.xn--o3cw4h/15095/) SOMPONG RUNGNIRATTISAI. (CEO. Tesco Lotus ) said that at the initial stage, Tesco Lotus, together with the government, supported the budget for the construction of a packing house for farmers in Non-Khaow Village. And farmers in nearby areas Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham provinces. (
b. 如果尚未转移/适用到其它情况,请描述其转移的可能性。(最多200字

题 8

a.使用了哪些具体资源(例如财务、人力或其他资源)来实施该项目? (最多100字)
The project uses resources to use considering into 4 types: 1) Budget: the committee gave money to farmers groups to invest in the operating budget totaling 3,063,778 baht 2) Personnel: is officers of the departments under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. and 25 affiliated agencies working 3) Management: the government Collaboratives and Motivation to work All units aim for mutual achievement. uses a hybrid working to manage the team. by focusing on Cross-functional Teams 4) Operational equipment: It is the use of communication technology between organizations. and working groups such as Applications Line and Facebook to accurate fast information
b. 请从财务和机构角度来解释,是什么确保该项目的长期可持续性?(最多100字)
The 4 types of management factors mentioned above cause a positive impact by using income per person per year. Farmers have an average income of about 129,767.81 baht/person/year. The gross income of farmers from 2017-2020 has increased to 69.41%, a description of project success. It is in good criteria and has performance-related indicators as follows: 1) the ability to group. 2) the ability to motivate the parties to work together with enthusiasm and unity. 3) the aim of mutual achievement 4) Impacts: Personnel is ready. Able to learn, initiate, change, and adapt (using Organic Organization)

题 9

a. 该项目是在内部还是外部正式评估的?
b. 请描述一下评估是如何进行的以及由谁评估的。 (最多100字)
The external assessment is a project evaluation report bySuradech Taweesaengsakulthai. Chair of The B.E. 2011 Khon Kaen's 200th Anniversary Foundation for Education.
c. 请描述使用的指标和工具。(最多100字)
the indicators and tools used to the evaluation report of the project is Indicator 1. Number of vegetable farmers in the area join the program Indicator 2.The increase of production supply to modern trade partners Indicator 3.The increase in community enterprise revenue. Indicator 4. Strong partnership among farmers, business partners and related government agencies Indicator 5. The increase of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification Indicator 6. The increase in product quality and branding Indicator 7. The increase in the number of supply feeders
d. 评估的主要发现是什么(例如,该项目筹集的资源充足、实施质量和面临的挑战、主要成果、倡议的可持续性,影响力等)以及如何利用这些信息为该项目的实施提供资讯 。(最多200字)
1.Number of vegetable farmers joining the community enterprise from just only 43 famers in 2014 to113 farmers in 20212.Created business partner with major modern trade companies began supplying just 11 types in 2021 of vegetables to more than sixty kinds of vegetable supply3.1.4 million baht of enterprise revenue in the first year to 14 million baht in 2020. the first quarter of 2021, the enterprise already received almost 9,000,000 baht of revenue. At the end of 2021, the enterprise is expected to generate more than 36 million baht of enterprise revenue. Almost 2,471 % increase in revenue from 2014.4 working partners led by the provincial office in 2014 to more than 25 strong working partners and private in 20215. 5. Almost 45 Increase in GAP area since 2014. From the non-existence of GAP farming in the area at the beginning of the project to more than 177 acres of GAP within SMCE.6 under the tree working area since the beginning to have a standard vegetable factory for sorting and packaging. Having a recognizable brand and gaining more and more reputable products from the market7. now has more than 13 farmers groups nationwide feeding the vegetable products to the enterprise

题 10

请描述该项目如何被列入相关的制度环境(例如,它与相关政府机构的关系如何,以及与已运行机构的关系如何)。 (最多200字)
This Project provide working, relevance and authority between official organization such as: 1. Khon Kaen Provincial Agriculture and Cooperatives Office to corporate with implementation on Integrated Development of authorities and specialization for an instant:Royal Irrigation Department to develop and increase an efficiency the water resources in the field. local government to fix a road for a relevant transportation system.Land develop the department to support using organic fertilizer, to reduce contamination of chemical in nature. Department of Agriculture to practice standardized agricultural products. National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards. to Tran, to monitor, to control, to verify the products. And to consult on vegetable certification.Cooperative Promotion Department to provide an accounting.2.Tesco Lotus (Lotus’s presence) is a product purchase partner by agreeing.3.Noon - Khoaw’s Cultivator Group can produce.4. Ban-nong-ya-praek of Tambon Health Promoting Hospital to examining of chemical residues. 5. Ministry of Energy trains the knowledge.6. Provincial commercial to acknowledge on marketing.7. the Rajamangala University of Technology Isan to support comparative vegetable production in greenhouses. The Provincial Agriculture and Cooperatives Office as the coordinator organize. An organization in the form of a committee, working group for developing farmers to be a better quality of life

题 11

2030年可持续发展议程强调协作、参与、合作关系和包容性。请描述哪些利益相关方参与设计、实施和评估计划以及这些参与是如何实现的。 (最多200字)
Can be divided into 2 groups of stakeholders This allows us to define the roles responsible for the work of the team as well. And all departments have understood/communicated to make the project successful, including: 1. Key Stakeholders are those to the success of the project, namely Khon Kaen and Agriculture and Cooperatives, Khon Kaen Province Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Khon Kaen Join the academic network to support a comparative study of vegetable production in greenhouses and conventional production. Including building a brand of the group's products in the future. 1.1. Basic stakeholders are stakeholders who benefit from the activities, that is Don-Han (SAO.) and Farmers' network, providing knowledge on preserving vegetable quality, quality management, and market management. 1.2 Farmer groups and farmers' networks. serves to produce vegetables to comply with the GAP system continuously throughout the year with more than 500 members of 14 networks 2. Secondary stakeholders are all agencies involved in the project implementation. Which aren't directly related, including agencies under the Agriculture and Cooperatives of Khon Kaen Province and network partners of 19 agencies.

题 12

Khon Kaen Province and related agencies have gained from the Project are: 1. the adoption of a new communication to coordinate coordination instead of the old, namely modern communication technology to assist in the coordination between various departments and sectors to achieve the same direction, correct, systematic, and the same information set to coordinate and the poverty alleviation of farmers to be able to live the family sustainably. 2. Saw an opportunity to cooperate in many professions to reduce social inequality develop farmers' careers in the future, enhance equality in careers whole, even farmers. 3. Found obstacles, as well as gaining opinions from inside and external assessments to adapt work by the current situation. 4. Incentives for the private sector to participate with the government in carrying out social support activities. 5. As a model project that the importance of human beings, see that everyone has equal rights without distinction of ethnicity encourage all sectors and people to have the right to express their opinions and make decisions. 6. There is a plan for upgrading from farmers groups. It is a group of agricultural cooperatives in the future