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联合国成员国 泰国
机构名称 Metropolitan Electricity Authority
公共部门机构类型 国有
行政层级 国家的
项目名称 Services Development for convenience of all categories of customers
项目运行年份 5




该倡议与UNPSA类别之一相关吗? 1. 促进创新包括数字化转型以提供具包容性和公平的公共服务


8.2 通过多样化经营、技术升级和创新,包括重点发展高附加值和劳动密集型行业,实现更高水平的经济生产力
9.c 大幅提升信息和通信技术的普及度,力争到2020年在最不发达国家以低廉的价格普遍提供因特网服务
10.2 到2030年,增强所有人的权能,促进他们融入社会、经济和政治生活,而不论其年龄、性别、残疾与否、种族、族裔、出身、宗教信仰、经济地位或其他任何区别
10.3 确保机会均等,减少结果不平等现象,包括取消歧视性法律、政策和做法,推动与上述努力相关的适当立法、政策和行动


请提供实施日期。 01 10月 2016








如有,请详细说明。 Public Service Award, Office of the Public Sector Development Commission, 2021

题 9: 您是如何得知联合国公共行政奖的?

您是如何得知联合国公共行政奖的? UN

题 10: 问题九:确认同意


Nomination form


题 1

From the past 4 years (2017-2020) an average amount of MEA’s services was about 0.75 million tasks/year or 3,500 tasks/month/district which are large numbers of services. This service data indicated that customers suffered from the inconvenient service due to multiple steps and documents undertaking. MEA realizes that such problems would affect low-income group or underprivileged such as cost for transportation to MEA’s districts and cost of services. To solve this problem, MEA focused on the digital service platform development to increase customer’s opportunity to access the utilities services resulting in cost reduction, convenient service access and customer satisfaction increase. The mentioned operations are our main objectives of systematic innovation through the Development of Service System for MEA’s Entire Customers. Since 2020, COVID-19, the global pandemic, has been severely affected to almost all of humans including Thai. The government of Thailand has issued the disease control measures and encouraged Thai people’s life to new normal. So, MEA has confronted with the challenge and restrictions to service customer under new normal. By the way, MEA attempts to change customer service according to the government measures. Moreover, MEA has rapidly issued a relief measure for electricity charge to help all of customers and boost a country economy during COVID-19 pandemic. All of MEA’s actions can rapidly respond to the government because of the systematic innovation that mentioned before. And these actions comply with “reducing inequality to create fairness in all dimensions and decentralization of economic progress, society and technology” in National Strategy Creating opportunities and social equality and “citizen - centered public Government with rapid services and transparency” in National Strategy Government Management Systems.

题 2

MEA has operated to achieve an increase of convenience and a reduction of time & cost for customer service equality and impartiality such as 1) cancel the copy of identity cards & house registration 2) improve/update MEA’s service rates regulation (regarding low-income people especially) 3) reduce procedures and time 4) implement digital platform, such as MEA Smart Life, MEASY and Line MEA Connect, to serve 24 hours online service responsive to current customer’s lifestyle, requirement and satisfaction These actions are in accordance with Category “Fostering innovation to deliver inclusive and equitable services for all including through digital transformation”.

题 3

a. 请具体说明该项目支持哪个/些可持续发展目标和具体目标,并详细说明该项目如何为这些目标的实施做出了贡献。(最多200字)
Regarding the Balancing and Development public administration concept with citizen - centered public Government and response & service rapidly and transparently, MEA has actioned to increase the opportunity to access the service for customer including low-income people. This action complies with the governance policy which encourages investment to increase country’s income and support Development Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries, Development Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation and Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.
b. 请描述一下该项目如何在社会、经济和环境方面具有可持续性。(最多100字)
Beyond the aim to serve entire customer equality, MEA regards the advantage for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are the economic growth driver. MEA has intended to increase interesting and confidence of Thai & foreign investors to run a business in Thailand, especially MEA’s distribution areas. This action complies with the governance policy which encourages investment to increase country’s income. Moreover, MEA encourages the customers to use online services. Resulting in an increase of amount of MEA’s online services in 2021 (35,081 tasks from 629 tasks in 2017).

题 4

a. 请解释该项目如何解决特定国家或地区范围内的政府管理、公共行政或公共服务方面的重大缺失。 (最多200字)
MEA’s action complies with the Licensing Facilitation Act B.E. 2558 (2015) by reducing procedures and time for service about 24% and 19.25% respectively. These actions change mindset about a delay and multiple steps of customer services. Moreover, MEA also reduces service charge rates for getting electricity and improves MEA's public manual such as service charge rates of 15(45) Ampere meters (the most popular for household) reduces 85% from 4,550 baht to 700 baht and service charge rate of 15 (45) Ampere meters reduces 97% from 77,050 baht to 2,500 baht resulting in an advantage for entire customers. In other words, no one will be left behind.
b. 请描述该项目如何解决国家背景下的性别不平等问题。 (最多100字)
MEA has enhanced/reviewed the service by Data/Big Data Analytic. MEA has monitored the customer service according to quality management system, ISO9001: 2015, and applied ISO26000 as the criteria for designing and developing the convenient online service. In the past, mostly men requested for the services. Nowadays, online service is an easy channel for women to access the service by themselves, causing an increase number from 46.4% in 2017 to 52.6% in 2021; and tends to increase continuously. This proves that MEA’s action can reduce absolutely gender inequality.
c. 请描述该项目的目标群体是谁,并解释该项目给目标群体带来的改善成果。 (最多200字)
All types of electricity users in the perimeter area of (Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan) received better and more convenient services. MEA can also implement the government policies to speed up measures to help people and urge the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic, effectively since the year 2020, for example, the refund of collateral for electricity usage was designed and developed to be convenient and easy to use including telephone registration systems for electricity users who were unable to access to online service systems. As a result, MEA was able to expedite the return of collateral / deposits to the registered users in the amount of 1,815,009 million returns, totaling 5,226 million baht within the first 3 months of commencement (April-June 2020) which helped alleviate suffering of those affected that drew money into the country's economic system quickly during the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020.

题 5

a. 请描述该项目是如何实施的,包括关键发展和步骤、监测、评估活动以及年表。 (300字)
The implementation began with defining the organization's strategies, focusing on services and excellent customer experience management. Data/Big Data Analytic technology was adopted to analyse and elevate/improve/review different services, in accordance with the Service Quality Standards and the Quality Management System ISO9001: 2015. The MEA has also adopted the requirements of Social Responsibility Guidelines while using the Standard ISO 26000 to apply to the service process and service development. Hence the origin of policy to review and improve the guidelines for people according to the Licensing Facilitation Act, and reduce the cost of receiving services to match the lifestyles of our users and their ``New Normal Life``. The details are as follows: Year 2016 – 2018, the regulations began to be revised in order to be more convenient for our users and to reduce the burden of expenses such as eliminating the need to make copies of ID cards or house registration documents, adjusting the service fees of getting Electricity by exempting fees when applying for new electricity request or changing types of electricity use for all types of electricity users, thus significantly reducing the process and time of service. Since 2018, the digital system has been providing online services on the Digital Platform to move towards a full digital service by 2026.
b. 请清楚地解释所遇到的障碍以及这些障碍是如何被克服的。(100字)
Many low-income and underprivileged people do not have access to new technologies such as online service systems. Therefore, the MEA continues to provide conventional services but increase convenience and flexibility for this group of people to receive efficient services. The MEA has also encouraged and motivated electricity users with technological readiness to use the service through online channels. To achieve sustainability and support the future implementation of full digital services, such as MEA reward points to redeem special privileges, etc.

题 6

a. 请说明在您所在国家或地区,该项目在哪些方面具有创新性。(最多100字)
The development of a service system for the convenience of all categories of electricity users is a system innovation, which is to install a new system or replace an existing system to have a broad effect or fundamental level by using the concept of reduction and cancellation as follows: 1) Cancel unnecessary collection of documentary evidence of transactions by switching to online or electronic channels. 2) Reduce time and improve conventional service processes by adapting new digital bureaucratic systems which are more concise and flexible. 3) Reduce service fees appropriately to allow all groups of people access.
b. 如果相关,请描述该项目是如何从其它国家和地区的成功项目中获得灵感的。(最多100字)
The MEA's “Services Development for convenience of all categories of customers” is based on Singapore's integrated e-government model for all service sectors, a country which is in the same region as Thailand. The use of information technology and new innovations to better connect and reach people will be the MEA’s new model to manage important services such as getting electricity and upgrade/downgrade electricity, etc.
c. 如果使用新兴技术和前沿技术,请说明这些技术如何整合在倡议中以及如何包含数字政府。 (限制100个字)
Big Data Analytic technology is used to analyze and improve services such as statistical data analysis, service provision and operation time. Customers are classified by their economic group, meter type, various discounts used in each month. That was used for planning and designing an online service request system to speed up the process, and be prepared to deal with situations in district electricity office quickly. It will also be used during the Covid-19 crisis. The integration of government data will improve public services such as electricity usage information connected to the Department of Provincial Administration and other government agencies.

题 7

a. 根据您的组织信息,该项目有没有转接或适用到其它情况(例如,其它城市、国家、或者地区)?如果有,请说明在哪里以及是如何进行的。(最多200字)
This work has been extended to the Virtual District Electricity Authority. In other words, power users can use all MEA services via online and electronic channels known as fully digital service, following the concept "The best service is No service". All of this has been implemented under the 20-year-National Strategy with results being reported through the Electronic Monitoring and Evaluation System of National Strategy and Country Reform (eMENSCR) since 2018, under the name of Smart Customer Service project. In addition, this work participated in the Ease of Doing Business rating 2020, classified in Getting Electricity, by the World Bank. The results of the Ease of Doing Business ranking in 2020 found that the Getting Electricity procedures and expenses were reduced. The ranking remained in the 6th position and achieved a full KPI score of 5. Overall Thailand ranking was improved from 27th to 21st. This work has also passed the criteria of the United Nations Public Service Awards, category of Government Services, type of Services Facilitation and extended to be certified by Government Convenient Center (GECC). As a result, all 18 MEA district offices have been certified, 16 offices achieved basic level and 2 offices achieved advanced level.
b. 如果尚未转移/适用到其它情况,请描述其转移的可能性。(最多200字

题 8

a.使用了哪些具体资源(例如财务、人力或其他资源)来实施该项目? (最多100字)
This work was carried out by internal personnel spending a budget of 15 million Thai baht. Knowledge sharing and storage through the knowledge management system to be a knowledge resource for the next generation of personnel. It can be used to consider, review, and improve for further development.
b. 请从财务和机构角度来解释,是什么确保该项目的长期可持续性?(最多100字)
People who use electricity at all levels, small entrepreneurs, and medium enterprises (SMEs), are key forces in employment and economic drivers, they respond to city lifestyles and attract both Thai and foreign investors to be more interested and confident in business investment in Thailand, especially in MEA distribution areas. In accordance with the government policy that aims to promote investment and generate income for the country, the underprivileged and the impoverished can also benefit.

题 9

a. 该项目是在内部还是外部正式评估的?
b. 请描述一下评估是如何进行的以及由谁评估的。 (最多100字)
The Ease of Doing Business evaluation by the World Bank, in the category of Getting Electricity will be determined by the improvement of Getting Electricity procedures as follows: 1) Procedures 2) Duration 3) Cost 4) Reliability of the power system and transparency of the electricity rate compared to the best practice value, based on the data of best service in each country. In the 2020 rating, the MEA was ranked 6th in the world. The annual service quality satisfaction survey of customers is conducted by external consultants using the average of the survey results as an annual assessment.
c. 请描述使用的指标和工具。(最多100字)
For the evaluation of Ease of doing business, MEA defined the indicators as follows: 1) Procedure: Best practice values were 3 steps. MEA had done in 2 steps, received 100 DTF. 2) Duration: Best practice values were 18 days. MEA used 30 days, received 94.782 DTF. 3) Cost: Best practice values were free of charge. (0 baht) MEA was evaluated at 3.9% of income per person, received 99.95 DTF. 4) Reliability of the power system and Transparency of the electricity rate: MEA has 8 of 8 index scores, received 100 DTF. Overall, the score of DTF was 98.7 of 100.
d. 评估的主要发现是什么(例如,该项目筹集的资源充足、实施质量和面临的挑战、主要成果、倡议的可持续性,影响力等)以及如何利用这些信息为该项目的实施提供资讯 。(最多200字)
Reduce the burden of consumers for getting electricity or up/downgrade electricity. As a result, consumers, entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized (SMEs) receive benefits. They are the main forces in employment, economics driving that responds to city lifestyles and attract investors (Thai and foreign) to be more interested and confident in business investment in Thailand, especially in MEA distribution area, which according to the government policy aimed at promoting investment to generate income for the country and reduce the burden for the populace.

题 10

请描述该项目如何被列入相关的制度环境(例如,它与相关政府机构的关系如何,以及与已运行机构的关系如何)。 (最多200字)
MEA worked with different agencies. The details are as follows: 1) Department of Provincial Administration on linking civil registration information to reduce the documentary evidence for identity verification. 2) Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC) supervises policies according to Licensing Facilitation Act, B.E. 2558 (2015). 3) Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) supervises the electricity fairly and transparently, including protecting electricity user benefits and issuing aid measures for consumer during the COVID-19 epidemic crisis. 4) Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) collaborate with MEA to link the system for requesting electricity and water to increase convenience for the populace.

题 11

2030年可持续发展议程强调协作、参与、合作关系和包容性。请描述哪些利益相关方参与设计、实施和评估计划以及这些参与是如何实现的。 (最多200字)
“Services Development for convenience of all categories of customers” arises from the integration of several sectors as follows: 1) Stakeholders in the category of directing policies. The OPDC is responsible for supervising operations following the Licensing Facilitation Act, B.E. 2558 (2015) by monitoring the results of operations. The ERC regulates electricity rates fairly and transparently, including protecting electricity user benefits, and takes an important role in determining aid measures to alleviate the hardship of consumers during the COVID-19 epidemic crisis. 2) Stakeholders within the organization, which is service agencies, information technology, and legal be joined together in follow-up, evaluating performance, revision, improvement, solving obstacles in the process resulting in flexibility and achieving the integrated development plan. 3) Stakeholders in the category of customers and the general public. In this section, we survey the requirements and satisfaction of services. For the information to review and improve the relevant services.

题 12

Results of “Services Development for convenience of all categories of customers” Although MEA’s main services (Electricity Requests) is ranked quite high in the ease of doing business, according to the World Bank ratings. However, there are issues to be improved urgently such as requesting electricity takes 30 days different the best practice takes 7 days. it is a challenge for MEA to figure out the distribution system and meter of electricity immediately from requested by consumers. Even though all MEA's districts have been certified by the Government Easy Contact Centre (GECC) 2021. we still to improve and elevate our services to reach the excellence level. This will be a warranty, MEA has been successful in raising the level of convenient services, quickly, easily, and give importance to the disadvantaged and handicapped, reducing social inequality. All mentioned above meet the assessment criteria of the Government Easy Contact Centre (GECC).