Preparatory Process Roadmap

Dates (2015) Action / Activity
1 June
Appointment of two co-facilitators by the President of the UN General Assembly to lead an Intergovernmental negotiation process
June 10-11
General Assembly Co-facilitators' Stocktaking Session - Trusteeship Counsel, UNHQ, New York
1 July
First Preparatory Meeting of the Member States
2 July 
Informal Interactive WSIS Stakeholder Consultation *
31 July 
Deadline for written submissions
End August 
Non-PaperOPGA's letter on the non-paper.
18 September  
Deadline for comments on Non-Paper 
Last week September 
Zero Draft Paper; Co-facilitators' letter
15 October
Deadline for comments on Zero-draft 
19 October 


Informal Interactive WSIS** Stakeholder Consultation
October 20-22


2nd Preparatory Meeting
4 November 
Draft Outcome Document - Version 4 November
17 November
Deadline for comments on the Draft Outcome Document                
19 - 20, 24 - 25 November

 December 7  
Draft Outcome Document - Version 7 December
 December 9 - 10  
December 15-16
High-level meeting of the General Assembly on WSIS + 10 review 


* Organized by the President of the 69th session of the General Assembly
**  Organized by the President of the 70th session of the General Assembly